If you are looking for something 'different' when it comes to wallpaper, it can be difficult, especially when it comes to using the high street as a first port of call. Gill Horner is an experienced and highly professional interior designer, meaning every idea can be brought to life. With a keen eye for detail and the ability to source amazing products, a luxurious finish will be the end result. 

Sourcing specialist wallpaper need not be an effort. We will do this for you, providing samples professionally selected to co-ordinate with the desired colour scheme. In order to get this right, a home consultation is offered free of charge. Wall art and wallpaper is the part of an interior viewed each and every day. It must be right. It has to be perfect and something you love upon completion.

Wall art is becoming highly sought after with many designing their own images, symbols and wording. Ask us today how we can personalise something important to you. If you require walls to match a window treatment, this will be taken into consideration during the design process and whilst sourcing wallpaper. 

If you would like to investigate designer wallpaper, take a look at the Swarovski crystal wallpaper images we have available in the portfolio section. These stunning designs will set any room apart from the rest.