Soft Furnishings

Soft furnishings complete a look within the home and will work nicely alongside wallpaper, window treatments and other focal aspects. 

Starting in the living room, cushions are the difference between a welcoming and comforting environment and just a place to sit when it comes to soft furnishings. Matched down to the very last detail, these small items are by no means insignificant. We are committed to every aspect of interiors which means planning, designing and sourcing the very best when it comes to fabric and style. A bespoke idea has the ability to be nurtured and turned into something wonderful when it comes to the soft furnishings you desire. 

Let us move to the bedroom. The creation of a unique headboard will become the rooms feature. Any shape, size and style can be designed and created. Traditional, contemporary and period styles are catered for.

What better way to complement your headboard than with a the perfect bedspread and runner? All it takes is a creative eye and a professional mind set to design an enviable finish. 

Soft furnishings are sometimes last on the list when it comes to a re-design. We don't see if like this, factoring such products in from the very off-set of any project.